Cedar Row Farm Sanctuary, located just outside Stratford, Ontario, is a place of hope for animals rescued from the abuse, neglect, and slaughter found on meat, milk, and egg farms. Hundreds of farm animals, including pigs, cows, goats, sheep, donkeys, rabbits, turkeys, chickens, ducks and geese have been rescued since the sanctuary began in 1999.

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The Sanctuary was founded and is cared for by the Poole Family (Siobhan, Pete and their two kids Cicada and Patrick). The Poole Family relies on donations to cover the financial needs of the sanctuary. To support Cedar Row Farm Sanctuary’s efforts to rescue animals from the abuse on farms, you can make a tax deductable donation by mail or online using paypal (use ‘donate’ button on the side). 100% of the funds received go directly back to the animals.

Interested in food choices that don’t cause animal suffering? See Veggie Revolution for more information.

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Pigs are a full-time job...

August 6, 2015

Pigs; they’re adorable, loveable and always getting into something. What would a picture of a pig be without a snout covered in mud? Whether they’re full-sized pigs or potbellied pigs, caring for these large and vocal animals is a full-time job. Cedar Row has 10 full-size pigs and 7 potbellied pigs along with all the […]
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