Marni’s Ride

Posted on: July 16th, 2017 by CR Admin 2
August 5, 2017 all-day
Please donate if possible to help the animals at Cedar Row

On August 5th, Marni Ugar will be cycling 200 kms (route: to raise money for Cedar Row Farm Sanctuary.

Through her activism she has learned that sadly billions of animals in the animal agriculture industry are mistreated annually. While Cedar Row can’t take them all in, we have rescued thousands of animals providing them with a safe and loving environment; this is what all animals deserve.

In order to care for all of these animals funding is required. Any donations that Cedar Row receives goes right back into the rescue and care of the animals.

Some time ago it dawned on her that being a vegan was not enough and she felt she needed to do more; animals are the most marginalized group in our society. She is taking her love of animals and combining it with her passion for cycling in order to raise money.

She reaching out to ask that you please sponsor her for her 200 km ride by going to and clicking on sponsorship and donations. Please scroll to the bottom and click donate. You can let us  know it’s for “Marni’s Ride.”






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