Compassionate Compost

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Most commercial compost is derived from animals that have lived unimaginably sad lives on factory farms that were ultimately slaughtered. While it may make flowers look beautiful, the cost consists of months and often years of abuse and ultimately a taken life.

We have an alternative; our Compassionate Compost is a blend of manure from our rescued farm animals including pigs, cows, sheep, goats, donkeys and chickens, as well as composted vegetation including hay, grasses, fruits and vegetables.

The animals at Cedar Row Farm Sanctuary get to live out their lives to the fullest without any fear of abuse or slaughter. All of the money raised from the sale of our compassionate compost goes directly back into the operation of the sanctuary, including feeding and bedding the animals. Did you know our Compassionate Compost is aged approximately 2 years so it can go right on to any garden?

Each bag weighs approximately 25 KG (or 50 lbs.) and costs a suggested donation of $6 per bag. You can purchase it via our website and then pick it up at a pre-arranged time by e-mailing

Create food for your soil and your soul! :)

All proceeds from your purchase go directly to the animals!