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Siblings Reunited

Posted on: August 10th, 2014 by CedarAdmin 172 Comments

Wilbur and Charlotte

Charlotte started off as a weak, sick piglet. She was the runt of a litter and wasn’t doing well. The farmer’s daughter took Charlotte in and cared for her for the first 8 wks, and then she contacted us. Charlotte came to Cedar Row on June 15th and with continued attention and love she grew to be a beautiful and thriving piglet.

Wilbur is Charlotte’s brother. He too was a runt. The farmer’s wife and family took him in and took care of him until he became strong and healthy. Wibur grew to love his human family and loved interacting with them. Although the farmer’s wife had grown attached to him she knew the best thing for him was to be reunited with his sister Charlotte so that they could grow up together in a home that will offer them a long carefree life.

Last Sunday we took Charlotte and Wilbur to their new home where they will live a long, happy life together.

2012: A Year in Review

Posted on: February 18th, 2013 by Siobhan 262 Comments



We thought 2011 was a busy year for us at Cedar Row with the rescue of 32 sheep from The Ontario Vet College, and running between 2 farms, for 8 months, but 2012 has proven to be just as busy with many animals needing our help.

In 2012 we have welcomed 4 new farm pigs, 2 six day old goats, 45 ex- battery hens, 3 broiler hens and 2 wonderful turkeys.

We also fostered or helped find homes for, 5 pot bellied pigs, 8 ex- battery hens and 3 farm pigs including Rusty, an 800 lb pig. It wasn’t easy finding a home for Rusty due to his size but we were able to place him in a good home that he shares with a few sheep a goat and 2 pot bellied pigs.

Joaquin, one of our farm pigs that came to us in September was badly injured after being accidentally stepped on. He was left in a field for 2 days because they thought he was dead. He surprised everyone when he lifted his head, so it took 5 people to distract the mother and get him out. When he arrived here, he was unable to walk because the injury was right on his spine. After months of acupuncture and lots of TLC, Joaquin is now living with the rest of his friends.

Cedar Row welcomed 3 amazing speakers, with Rob Laidlaw of Zoocheck Canada speaking to visitors at our open house in June. Dr. Will Tuttle visiting us in August,and Dr. Melanie Joy in December. Dr. Joy is the author of Why We Love Dogs, Eat Pigs and Wear Cows. We also welcomed about 250 people to our annual open house in June.

On a personal note, the twins Patrick & Cicada turned 13 this year. Parents of teenagers…yikes! We lost Stephen Watson, a dear friend and supporter of Cedar Row this past summer as well.

We are continuing our work visits / vegan potlucks every month. We have between 15 – 25 people join us for a few hours of cleaning, and then we sit down to a wonderful vegan potluck together. It brings people together, and gives them a chance to interact with the animals and make new friends.

Cedar Row is very busy, trying to make a difference to both animals and people, by opening up our sanctuary and our space. We like people to interact with the animals so they can see why they shouldn’t eat them, or why they should continue to fight for them.

We truly appreciate your support and could not help the animals without it. We thank you very much.


Siobhan & Peter Poole

Cock- A- Doodle- Doo x 2

Posted on: February 4th, 2013 by Siobhan 1,211 Comments


Cedar Row Farm Sanctuary welcomed 2 new roosters on the weekend. We also found homes for 4 more roosters that were going to be euthanized if we couldn’t place them.

These 2 beautiful boys will be hanging out with 6 other roosters, and numerous hens.

Trouble’s In Trouble

Posted on: December 10th, 2012 by Siobhan 159 Comments

Cedar Row was asked to take Trouble, another turkey who survived a gassing at an industrial hatchery in London, Ontario. Living with a wonderful family for 2 months, it was time for Trouble to move on. Unfortunately, before he moved from the house to the farm, he tried to jump up on to a counter and fell hard hurting his wing.
I took him to the vet today to have his wing looked at, and the x-ray revealed 2 broken bones in his left wing, and gangrene setting in. He is due to have part of his left wing amputated this Thursday morning.
Please keep Trouble in your thoughts this week, since this will not be an easy surgery. It’s always a risk putting an animal under anesthetics, but this is not a regular procedure. Fingers crossed, Trouble will be back with us on Friday.

Siobhan & Peter Poole

Battery Hen 2012

Posted on: October 18th, 2012 by Siobhan 198 Comments

This is one of 27 battery hens that was rescued by Cedar Row Farm Sanctuary this past September.

Here is a great link to the life of a battery hen in Canada.


Rescued Battery Hen 2012

Turkeys Are Cool

Posted on: October 15th, 2012 by Siobhan 1 Comment

This little turkey was pulled from a bagged of gassed poults, to be fed to birds of prey. There were 4 alive this time, but only 2 survived. The 2 survivors will be going to live at The Roosters Inn in a couple of weeks.

Thank you Claire Anderson, for all your hard work raising them.


Photo taken by Cicada Poole


Joaquin Walking!

Posted on: October 1st, 2012 by Siobhan 184 Comments

Joaquin Walking

Joaquin tried walking today!

The swelling is coming down on his front, left foot, and he is able to put some pressure on it. He drags his hind legs behind him but is trying to very hard to stand up.

We had our pig vet out to see him last Friday, and he thinks the paralysis is being caused by the injury on his spine and not splay leg like we first thought. We’re hoping it’s just some swelling on the spine, and when the swelling goes down, he will be able to walk.We also had a laser treatment done on him last Friday to help with the healing. Tomorrow, October 2nd, he is going to see a vet who specializes in acupuncture on animals, and have a treatment.Fingers crossed Joaquin can pull through this.

Thank you for all the support, it is greatly appreciated.

Siobhan & Peter

Joaquin Update

Posted on: September 25th, 2012 by Siobhan 158 Comments


A few days ago we received a desperate plea from a young couple. They found a piglet left for dead in a field. Though our farm is overflowing, we could not in good conscience turn away an injured baby. We took the little one to the vet yesterday, and while he will need a ton of work, he is definitely a fighter!!! He has a condition known as “splay-leg,” in his hind end.   He has a HUGE scab on his spine, from accidentally being stepped on, but the vet does not believe he has any permanent spine injuries (we’ll see as he progresses). His front leg was x- rayed and he has no fractures, but he does have deep tissue damage, which will take time to heal.

Currently he’s on pain meds,and medication to fight any infections. He is still a baby and needs constant company. Thankfully, we have our friend Daria here to help this week, with keeping Joaquin company, and fed every 2 hours. We will also have to begin physio therapy…. It’s a tough road ahead for the abandoned piglet in the field , and we are more than happy to help him on his journey.If you would like to sponsor this little man, or donate towards his medical bills, please connect with us. Your support is greatly appreciated.

Joaquin the Piglet

Posted on: September 23rd, 2012 by Siobhan 152 Comments
Joaquin sleeping

Photo taken by Cicada Poole

We received an urgent email on Friday night, from a young couple who had rescued a piglet, not 2 weeks old, from a pasture near Pembroke. The little pig was left for dead, after his mother had accidentally stepped on him, leaving a large wound on his back.

After being out in the pasture for 2 days, they noticed he was alive, but unable to walk. They brought him home, but had no experience with a young pig, so they put a plea out, looking for help.

His injuries are very serious, and we’re not sure how he’s going to do. He has very little mobility in his hind end, and his left front foot is swollen and tender. Right now he only has one good leg.

He has been treated with pain medication / anti inflammatory, as well as antibiotics, until we can have our vet examine him tomorrow.

This little guy has been through so much in such a short period of time, so please send positive thoughts his way, and lets hope he can get strong and walk again.

The Little Pig That Didn’t Go To Market

Posted on: September 19th, 2011 by Siobhan 2,291 Comments

PigOn an especially sweaty summer day this past July, a baby pig tumbled off a transport truck on the 401. Bloodied and bruised from her fall, confused by the loud noises of the highway, she ran across two lanes of traffic and hid herself in the bushes on the shoulder of the road.

Thankfully, a good Samaritan named Rob saw the scared piglet and pulled over to bring her to safety. He rushed her to a local vet for emergency treatment. She had a severe case of road rash and had also ripped out one of her rear toenails. Although Rob and his family instantly fell in love with the sweet baby pig, they knew she needed a special home where she would get all the right piggy love and care she deserves.

After a few phone calls, the darling baby pig arrived at Cedar Row Farm Sanctuary just outside of Stratford. Now she has four other pig friends to hang out with (Pearl is her best friend at the moment), as well as goats, donkeys, cows, sheep and a bunch of chatty chickens. Instead of heading to the slaughterhouse after only 6 months, she now has a forever home for the next 10-15 years of her life. But in order to get settled into her new life at Cedar Row, this baby pig needs a proper name.

Members of the public are being asked to help name the wee one. Any ideas? She is quite the outgoing lady, very friendly and loves belly rubs. What should this little girl be called?