Joaquin Update


A few days ago we received a desperate plea from a young couple. They found a piglet left for dead in a field. Though our farm is overflowing, we could not in good conscience turn away an injured baby. We took the little one to the vet yesterday, and while he will need a ton of work, he is definitely a fighter!!! He has a condition known as “splay-leg,” in his hind end.   He has a HUGE scab on his spine, from accidentally being stepped on, but the vet does not believe he has any permanent spine injuries (we’ll see as he progresses). His front leg was x- rayed and he has no fractures, but he does have deep tissue damage, which will take time to heal.

Currently he’s on pain meds,and medication to fight any infections. He is still a baby and needs constant company. Thankfully, we have our friend Daria here to help this week, with keeping Joaquin company, and fed every 2 hours. We will also have to begin physio therapy…. It’s a tough road ahead for the abandoned piglet in the field , and we are more than happy to help him on his journey.If you would like to sponsor this little man, or donate towards his medical bills, please connect with us. Your support is greatly appreciated.

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