Broken Hearts


This past week has been difficult at Cedar Row Farm Sanctuary; we lost one of the kindest, compassionate, and special women we’ve known and one who has become a fixture at work visits, open houses, and veg fests. Sheri Lapienes passed away surrounded by family and friends on July 12th and we’re trying to come to terms with the loss.


She was one of the first people who would greet you at your first work visit, offer advice on veganism, show you around the sanctuary, or talk to you about any topic, often with humour and wit. She and and her wonderful husband Greg would find ways to make time to help transport animals in need to Cedar Row all while looking after their own flock of rescued chickens, ducks, geese, turkeys and greyhounds in a warm and loving home. Our hearts are broken and we’re finding it hard to imagine the sanctuary without her presence.


She was a true friend to the animals at Cedar Row, her fellow volunteers and the Poole family. Our condolences go out to her adoring husband Greg, who equals her level of compassion, and to her family and friends. We can picture her smiling, surrounded by all the animals she has rescued and cared for who have gone on before her. Thank-you, Sheri, for your friendship, your love and your dedication; you are in our hearts forever.

The Poole Family

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  1. Dear Poole family,
    I am so very sorry for your loss….it is evident that Sheri was very young, but had a heart of gold. Someone such as her may have been too beautiful for this world. May you find peace (and her husband as well) that Sheri spent her life doing exactly what she was meant to do. There are no words to heal the pain left behind. Sheri is all around you, talk about her, remember the good times, the sad times, the joys and sorrows. May her footprint be left all around you.
    GOD BLESS, Amy

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