Charlie isn’t your average size cow; he’s huge! He’s a gentle giant now but that’s not the way he was when we found him. It was a cold day on February 8th, 2011 and he was week-old calf found wandering down a country road all alone where he had escaped form a dairy farm. Had he not found a way out, he would have likely had a short life lasting no longer than a couple of months at best. He went from a small calf to a big boy weighing about 2000 lbs now! Although he towers over the other animals on the farm (as well as most people), he’s a sweet soul who loves being brushed and spending time with Chickpea, our other cow who is about half his size!

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  1. I will be looking to purchase a selection of woman’s and unisex t-shirts in the near future. Thus I would like to know how far in advance you would need to know so that I can fill my order. It’s for our volunteers to wear at our World Farm Animals Day event Oct 3 here in Ottawa.

    Thank you

    Peace and respect for all living beings

    Sue Manns

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