Joaquin Walking!

Joaquin Walking

Joaquin tried walking today!

The swelling is coming down on his front, left foot, and he is able to put some pressure on it. He drags his hind legs behind him but is trying to very hard to stand up.

We had our pig vet out to see him last Friday, and he thinks the paralysis is being caused by the injury on his spine and not splay leg like we first thought. We’re hoping it’s just some swelling on the spine, and when the swelling goes down, he will be able to walk.We also had a laser treatment done on him last Friday to help with the healing. Tomorrow, October 2nd, he is going to see a vet who specializes in acupuncture on animals, and have a treatment.Fingers crossed Joaquin can pull through this.

Thank you for all the support, it is greatly appreciated.

Siobhan & Peter

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