Luck of the Animals (not just the Irish)

It’s St. Patrick’s Day and with it comes a buzz word that is often uttered this day; luck. Yes, the Luck of the Irish abounds today but as we walk around Cedar Row there is a different kind of luck that is everywhere…. The luck of the animals that made their way here to live free from harm.


Whether its one of the ex-battery egg hens who are rescued every fall or a pig like Jimmy, who was born on a slaughterhouse truck and was saved by one of the workers at the slaughterhouse and made his way here, luck played a huge part in their ability to live out their days in peace here.


They are lucky indeed; with the rash of barn fires that has taken so many lives to the outdated animal transport laws, it’s no wonder many farmed animals are seen as unlucky. To be born to die is a horrible thing to ponder but being able to offer sanctuary to animals is need is a gift.


We, too, feel lucky to be able to do what we do for animals.

May the Luck of the Irish be with all animals and with those that care for them today.


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