Pigs are a full-time job…

Pigs; they’re adorable, loveable and always getting into something. What would a picture of a pig be without a snout covered in mud? Whether they’re full-sized pigs or potbellied pigs, caring for these large and vocal animals is a full-time job.


Cedar Row has 10 full-size pigs and 7 potbellied pigs along with all the other animals we care for. This year alone we have taken in and spayed/neutered 6 potbellied pigs and found them new homes. Even pigs we can’t physically take in due to lack of room are helped by Cedar Row through e-mail appeals or via social media to find them homes.

We were recently contacted by well-meaning people who adopted two potbellied pigs (a male and a female) who had 5 piglets and then another 8 piglets. Before long another 4 were born to some of the sows in the first litter; that’s a lot of pigs! We’re currently working with them to help ensure all the pigs are spayed/neutered.

Having a pig spayed/neutered can also be expensive and we’re helping those people that need to have their pigs altered find affordable veterinary care like Kevin the pig below.


Did you know pigs can reach sexual maturity at 2 months? It’s surprising too many and one of the reasons we always spay or neuter animals that come into our sanctuary and why we always encourage others to do so right away.

Before getting a pig, it’s important to do your research and ask questions. You can find out more about potbellied pigs here or e-mail us at cedarrowfs@hotmail.ca and we’ll respond to you as soon as we can (when we’re not feeding the pigs!) 🙂

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