So many chickens…

Imagine being in a barn where you can barely move, surrounded by 30,000 other beings. Imagine being cramped into a shallow crate with many others where you’re unable to move and speeding down a highway, terrified by loud and unfamiliar noises everywhere. Imagine falling off one of those trucks and dodging traffic while others you know speed away to a slaughterhouse where they’ll never leave. Imagine being left alone and wandering aimlessly with no one to help.

These are just some of the stories from chickens that have recently come to Cedar Row to live out a life free from abuse & neglect.

Mercy & Helen (below)



Mercy the chicken was rescued by Toronto Chicken Save after a 24-hour vigil. The slaughterhouse release one chicken to the group and they named her Mercy. She was brought to Cedar Row the following day and, after an initial adjustment period, now enjoys spending her time looking for bugs, sleeping underneath the cedars and looking out for her new friend Helen.



A volunteer driver from the Guelph Humane Society brought this sweet gal to Birds of a Different Feather Microsanctuary and she was then brought to Cedar Row. She is very cute and so sweet it is difficult to think about the fact that she was on her way to slaughter. Falling off a truck actually saved her life. She enjoys her freedom with Mercy, another meat chicken who was once destined for slaughter and they are now very good friends. She enjoys sleeping in the lilies and looking for bugs. 


Hen from Windsor Humane Society

The little hen who, was found wandering around Windsor, has now moved on to an amazing life at Cedar Row Farm Sanctuary. After some initial illness, she is enjoying her freedom at Cedar Row and spends her time avoiding the roosters! Cedar Row is already home to other farm animals from the Windsor Humane Society and we’ve helped them place many more in permanent homes.


Battery Egg Hen Rescue

Cedar Row Farm Sanctuary and Birds of a Different Feather Microsanctuary joined forces and rescued 84 battery hens from a barn of 30,000. Every year we have the opportunity to rescue as many “spent” hens as we can and we always put out a call in late August/early September for those who can help give them a forever home. A number of people stepped up this year and we hope to have more volunteers next year. Welcome to a second chance at a wonderful life girls, you deserve it.



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