Summer of Peace Open House



It’s almost that time of year again; our Summer of Peace Open House!

We’re busy at work getting the farm ready for all the visitors and we’re very excited to host this event and have people come out and see what a farm sanctuary is all about.

We’ll have a vegan bake sale with lots of goodies from some amazing vegan bakers, a vegan bbq featuring some delicious cruelty-free food and a few other surprises for you!

As always, our animals (who love attention) will be on hand to welcome you to their home and entertain everyone with their everyday antics and amazing personalities.

As a reminder, this is a great time to bring children under 12 (and over 12 as it happens) to the farm sanctuary to teach them about compassion and kindness towards our animals friends.

Bring your appetite, your love of animals and (if possible) a donation to help us keep up the level of care our residents deserve.

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