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Accommodating Joaquin: A Fundraiser

When he was barely more than a week old, Joaquin the piglet arrived at Cedar Row Farm Sanctuary with a spinal cord injury and an uncertain prognosis. He couldn’t move his back legs and he hadn’t been able to eat. With medical care and a lot of love, Joaquin is now a happy, healthy part […]

Joaquin Has Made It!

After months of treatment and lots of TLC, Joaquin has recovered as much as his body allows. He has a distinct walk to his hind end, due to the injury on his spine. We were told that we shouldn’t put him in with the big pigs, for fear he might be re injured, so it […]

Joaquin’s Getting Stronger!

  Joaquin is getting stronger everyday, and was able to enjoy the sunshine and warm temperatures today. This little guy came to us a week and a half ago with only one good leg, and this is him 12 days later. His acupuncture treatment went really well, and the vet also put him on a […]

Joaquin Walking!

Joaquin tried walking today! The swelling is coming down on his front, left foot, and he is able to put some pressure on it. He drags his hind legs behind him but is trying to very hard to stand up. We had our pig vet out to see him last Friday, and he thinks the […]

Joaquin Update

A few days ago we received a desperate plea from a young couple. They found a piglet left for dead in a field. Though our farm is overflowing, we could not in good conscience turn away an injured baby. We took the little one to the vet yesterday, and while he will need a ton […]

Joaquin the Piglet

We received an urgent email on Friday night, from a young couple who had rescued a piglet, not 2 weeks old, from a pasture near Pembroke. The little pig was left for dead, after his mother had accidentally stepped on him, leaving a large wound on his back. After being out in the pasture for […]