Please note: Due to the global pandemic, Cedar Row Farm Sanctuary work visits and open houses are cancelled until further notice. We thank you for your understanding.

When there isn’t a pandemic, we offer a couple of different ways for you to visit the farm; Work Visits and Fundraising Events.

In addition to education, these events are used to generate the funding required to run the farm and to feed our animals. For the remainder of 2020 (and possibly extending into 2021), all farm visits have been cancelled to ensure the health and safety of the farm founders, volunteers and our animals.

In lieu of visiting the farm, please consider a donation.

Work Visits & Vegan Potlucks


Work visits are a great way to see the sanctuary, get to know the animals, and lend a helping hand. There is A LOT of work involved in running a farm sanctuary and we rely heavily on volunteers to help us care for the animals and keep their homes clean and functional. Work visits are less frequent in the winter months and more frequent during warmer months but they all end with an amazing Vegan Potluck! Check out our calendar at the bottom of the page for upcoming work visit dates.

If you plan on coming for a work visit, it’s important to keep a few things in mind:

  • Work visits run from 11:00 am to 2:00 pm, followed by a Vegan Potluck immediately afterwards. Please arrive no earlier than 11:00 am for the work visit as we need time to prep the farm, the tools (and ourselves!) before volunteers arrive.
  • At a work visit you can expect to help clean out stalls, clean out food dishes and water buckets, clean and wipe surfaces, help with any needed minor construction projects, groom the animals as needed and any other farm-related chores that would normally be done at a farm.
  • Please ensure you bring proper footwear; this means calf-high rubber boots in the spring, summer and fall & insulated rubber boots or waterproof winter boots during colder months
  • We encourage you to bring your own work gloves suitable for medium-duty work
  • Please bring a reusable container for water as we do not have bottled water on site. We do, however, have potable water for you to fill up your water bottles
  • Wear appropriate clothing for the season; cooler work clothes in the warmer months with proper sun shielding (hats, sunglasses, sunscreen, etc.) and layered warmer clothes in the colder months.
  • If you’re a high school student who loves animals and is in need of volunteer hours, we will happily sign your forms.

It’s important to remember that these work visits are vital to keeping our sanctuary running. If you volunteer for a work visit, please make every effort to come on the day you’ve signed up for. We often turn away people due to the number of people who have already RSVP’d and by not coming, it denies people who want to come a chance to volunteer. Additionally, if you cannot make it, please provide as much notice as possible so we can make arrangements for other volunteers to take your place.

After the work visit ends at 2:00 pm, you are welcome to spend time with the animals and get to know them better; they love the attention! Work visits are a great way to help out and you’ll also see how farm animals interact with each other, and see that they all have their own personalities. The work visits can be tough physically but the experience is always personally rewarding. Because there are no paid staff at Cedar Row Farm Sanctuary, public visits just to look at the animals are not possible. Cedar Row is not open to the public, however, we do have two open houses twice a year (one in December and one in July) that you are welcome to attend with children of all ages. Unfortunately, public visits take away from the time needed to properly care for the animals.

~ Cedar Row Farm Sanctuary is not only a safe space for our animals but for all of our human visitors too. We ask that you enter our space with a commitment to mutual respect, mutual aid, anti-oppression, advocacy, conflict resolution, non-violence and community building. Intimidation & bullying will not be tolerated.~

**Please Note: You are welcome to bring children to the farm for work visits but for safety reasons they must be older than 12.**

Vegan Potluck

After each working visit we have a delicious vegan potluck. Please bring a vegan (no meat, no eggs, no dairy, no honey) dish for 10-12 people. Not sure what to bring? Some popular items often include wraps, sandwiches, warm rice/quinoa dishes, soups, various cold salads, beautiful ethnic dishes, and desserts. If you’re still stuck on what to bring, check out our very own Cedar Row Farm Sanctuary Eats and Treats Vegan Food Blog or have a look at these other great vegan food blogs by Dreena Burton & Oh She Glows for ideas on what to bring for the feast! This is a great time to sit down together and enjoy each other’s company while admiring the work you’ve done that day. For more information on what’s considered vegan, please check out


Please see the calendar below (work visits are in pink & other events are in green) and make sure you send us an email to RSVP! As a reminder, we also have two an annual open houses; one in December and one in June/July that you are welcome to attend with children of all ages.

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