World Day for Farmed Animals in Ottawa

Earlier this past summer we were contacted by some very kind people organizing a World Day for Farmed Animals event in Ottawa and they wanted to donate the profits from the evening to the animals at Cedar Row; to say that we were touched is an understatement. We’re so truly appreciative of people who give their time to causes that help farmed animals and we were happy to come to our nation’s capital for this great event.


Not only did they pick a beautiful spot for the event in Central Park (Ottawa) but the sheer volume of sponsors they reached out to was astounding. The evening began with a delicious vegan BBQ with the food donated by Sol Cuisine and other food, including delicious salads, made by volunteers. We can’t forget the jackfruit sandwiches either!


Cedar Row had a booth set up to inform people of the work we do at the sanctuary and to sell merchandise with profits going back to help feed and care for the rescued animals on our farm. It’s always a pleasure to speak to people about our work and educate them about the sanctuary and the work involved in running one.


Musical performances, a talk by Dr. Olivier Berreville about animal protection and investigations, art by very talented Twyla Francois and a showing of the documentary Peaceable Kingdom rounded out the evening.


A popular silent auction was also a great way to raise funds throughout the evening.



A big thank-you to everyone who helped organize the event and to those who came out for the evening. We sincerely appreciate your amazing efforts to make this a successful event. We would also like to thank members of the save movement and both Dr. Olivier Berreville and Twyla Francois for donate a portion of their profits for the evening to Cedar Row.

We are very thankful for your efforts and hard work; the animals say thank-you as well.


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