Marni’s Ride

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On August 5th, Marni Ugar will be cycling 200 kms (route: to raise money for Cedar Row Farm Sanctuary.

Through her activism she has learned that sadly billions of animals in the animal agriculture industry are mistreated annually. While Cedar Row can’t take them all in, we have rescued thousands of animals providing them with a safe and loving environment; this is what all animals deserve.

In order to care for all of these animals funding is required. Any donations that Cedar Row receives goes right back into the rescue and care of the animals.

Some time ago it dawned on her that being a vegan was not enough and she felt she needed to do more; animals are the most marginalized group in our society. She is taking her love of animals and combining it with her passion for cycling in order to raise money.

She reaching out to ask that you please sponsor her for her 200 km ride by going to and clicking on sponsorship and donations. Please scroll to the bottom and click donate. You can let us  know it’s for “Marni’s Ride.”

ride2 ride

Share your thoughts on Canada’s Food Policy

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The Canadian Government is asking Canadians to share their thoughts on our country’s food policy by completing a survey. This will give you the chance to comment on our often-cruel land animal farming industry, the fishing industry and the seal hunt, etc. Voicing your opinion matters as this is one of the ways to help effect change.

You can visit the survey website at Don’t forget to make your voice heard!

Hope for the Holidays

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Another year at Cedar Row is coming to a close and our annual winter open house, Hope for the Holidays, was a resounding success. We are truly appreciative of everyone who baked goodies, came to spend time with the animals, purchased Cedar Row merchandise and brought joy and cheer to the sanctuary.


We are routinely reminded how lucky we are to have so many wonderful supporters and patrons who believe in the work we do and provide us with encouragement even when times are difficult.


Our Tombola raffle was a lot of fun and we’re very thankful for all the individuals and companies that donated items to the raffle; it makes winning so much fun when we’ve got a lot of prizes to give away (even though not everyone wins each time!)


It’s also a great time of year to think about holiday gifts and what that means for rescued farm animals. You can sponsor an animal at Cedar Row for a period of time as a great gift to those that have everything but want to help out. You can learn more about sponsoring an animal at Cedar Row here.


We’ll have more work visit dates for the new year coming soon and we look forward to seeing everyone at our Summer of Peace Open House in July 2017.


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Thanksgiving can be a tough time for those who value the lives of all animals; it’s one of the first big family events of the fall & winter seasons where animals are often centre stage on dinner tables across the country.

That’s why many of us celebrate “Thanksliving” where compassionate meal choices are front and centre and where animals stay off our plates.


Dusty Miller & Mother Mary enjoying watermelon at Cedar Row; thanks for making compassionate choices.

We reached our goal!

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Cedar Row marched in the Holly’s Hope: Walk for Ontario Farm Sanctuaries for animals without a voice that rely on Ontario’s farm sanctuaries for shelter and a life free from cruelty and harm. 

We can’t thank those enough who donated to our GoFundMe campaign; you are truly wonderful people and we are forever grateful for your kindness, especially during a tough time at our sanctuary. We were very pleased to reach our goal with your help.

Thank-you also to those who organized the walk, especially Sharon DiGenova. It was great to spend an afternoon around like-minded people who care deeply for the plight of farmed animals. 

Finally, thank-you to those who walked with us; Sammy, Tara, Mel, & Don. We got exercise and we were able to help spread a compassionate message at the same time.


Summer of Peace Open House a big success… Thank-you!

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Our Summer of Peace Open House on July 9th, 2016 was a resounding success despite the scattering of rain and the oddly cool temperature (especially since this summer has been so hot). We welcomed more people than we ever have in the past and your generosity is very appreciated by us and by the animals that call Cedar Row home.


We’d also like to thank the sponsors of our Tombola Raffle who were so kind with their donations for a great cause:

It is wonderful to have the support of like-minded companies and thank-you again for your kindness.

Walk for Ontario’s Farm Sanctuaries

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Cedar Row Farm Sanctuary  will be participating in this year’s Holly’s Hope 4th Annual Walk for Ontario’s Farm Sanctuaries  on August 28th, 2016 and our goal is to raise $5,000.

Cedar Row Farm Sanctuary is Ontario’s oldest farm sanctuary and has rescued hundreds of animals from situations of abuse and neglect and has prevented hundreds more from going to the slaughterhouse. Siobhan and Peter Poole run Cedar Row along with their two children, Patrick & Cicada, and a dedicated group of volunteers.


Not only do we provide a permanent home for nearly 80 animals but we also foster animals and find them loving homes. If we can’t take in animals due to being at capacity, we always strive to help find animals in need of a home even if we can’t provide one directly at the sanctuary.

In 2015, we rescued and placed into safe homes,  
2 goats
5 rabbits
18 pot bellied pigs
84 battery hens
8 ducks
17 backyard hens
7 turkeys
1 donkey
D’Arcy the pig

All of this comes at a great cost, both financially and emotionally.

We will be walking to raise awareness about the plight of farmed animals: the abuses they endure, their hazard to human health, and their environmental impact. We seek to gain support and compassionate treatment for farmed animals.​

Cedar Row Farm Sanctuary provides relief and care to sick, injured, distressed and ill-fated foster animals while tending to the needs of the sanctuary’s permanent farm animal residents. Your contribution supports these efforts and allows us the ability to continue to make a difference in each one of these animals’ lives. Your donations help us provide: straw, hay, feed and supplements; veterinary care; general repairs and upkeep to barns and shelters; new fencing and gating (as required) and so much more.


Although Cedar Row Farm Sanctuary promotes veganism, we welcome and encourage all people (vegan, vegetarian, and non-vegetarian) to visit our sanctuary. Our desire is that one day we will witness a world that is free from animal use, consumption and exploitation. Through work visits, open houses and participating in public awareness events, we have brought hundreds of like-minded individuals together, many of whom have formed long-lasting friendships and have now dedicated their lives towards reaching one goal – compassion and justice for all animals.

We have been rescuing farmed animals in need for 17 years and will continue to do so for as long as we are able.  Will you help us reach our goal? Any amount is helpful and appreciated.


Cedar Row Farm Sanctuary

Donation Link:


Broken Hearts

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This past week has been difficult at Cedar Row Farm Sanctuary; we lost one of the kindest, compassionate, and special women we’ve known and one who has become a fixture at work visits, open houses, and veg fests. Sheri Lapienes passed away surrounded by family and friends on July 12th and we’re trying to come to terms with the loss.


She was one of the first people who would greet you at your first work visit, offer advice on veganism, show you around the sanctuary, or talk to you about any topic, often with humour and wit. She and and her wonderful husband Greg would find ways to make time to help transport animals in need to Cedar Row all while looking after their own flock of rescued chickens, ducks, geese, turkeys and greyhounds in a warm and loving home. Our hearts are broken and we’re finding it hard to imagine the sanctuary without her presence.


She was a true friend to the animals at Cedar Row, her fellow volunteers and the Poole family. Our condolences go out to her adoring husband Greg, who equals her level of compassion, and to her family and friends. We can picture her smiling, surrounded by all the animals she has rescued and cared for who have gone on before her. Thank-you, Sheri, for your friendship, your love and your dedication; you are in our hearts forever.

The Poole Family

2016 Summer of Peace Open House

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With less than a month to go, we’re gearing up for our biggest fundraiser of the year, our Summer of Peace Open House, happening on July 9th from 12 PM to 4 PM.


This is a great opportunity to visit the farm sanctuary with younger children and we’ll have plenty for them to do, including a bouncy castle, face painting and vegan ice cream, not to mention hanging around with our donkeys and miniature goats!


We’ll also have opportunities for people to learn about the treatment of animals on farms and you’ll have the opportunity to ask questions and see how farm animals live in an environment free from harm and abuse.


In addition, the tasty vegan BBQ will be up and running, along with our bake sale, popular tombola raffle and our Cedar Row merchandise tent. So come by, relax and enjoy the day at Cedar Row Farm Sanctuary. We can’t wait to see you here.

Skilled Worker Visits

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As you can imagine, running a farm sanctuary is a lot of work with the majority of the focus being on animal care and well-being. Because of this, the focus on the surroundings becomes secondary despite daily efforts at upkeep.


If you’ve been to Cedar Row, you know that we take great pride in how the animals that call our sanctuary home are treated and that we also take pride in the way their homes look and are cared for. Flowers are planted, stalls are clean, fences are mended, etc.

After a busy start to the year, it’s time to shift focus towards items around the farm that need fixing and replacing so we’ve scheduled two skilled worker visits; one on May 21st, 2016 and the other on Jun 4th, 2016.

Essentially we’re looking for people who aren’t afraid to (safely) swing a hammer, handle a saw, dig post holes and repair fencing. There are other jobs to do as well. The skilled worker visits run from 10 AM to 4 PM and we’ll be providing a great vegan lunch for everyone. These differ from our regular work visit because we won’t be cleaning out the barn or other animal areas but you’ll definitely be interacting the our animal residents throughout the day (they’ll act as the supervisors!).

If you’re remotely handy, we’d love to hear from you so send us an e-mail at We really appreciate the help and support and can’t wait to see everyone.