The Year of the Pig

According to the Chinese Zodiac, the Year of the Pig last took place in 2007 and won’t take place again until 2019. It certainly hasn’t felt like that around here at Cedar Row…. 2015 has been our Year of the Potbellied Pig (plus a couple non-potbellied pigs too!) 6 of the 18 Potbellied Pigs that […]

So many chickens…

Imagine being in a barn where you can barely move, surrounded by 30,000 other beings. Imagine being cramped into a shallow crate with many others where you’re unable to move and speeding down a highway, terrified by loud and unfamiliar noises everywhere. Imagine falling off one of those trucks and dodging traffic while others you know […]

Pigs are a full-time job…

Pigs; they’re adorable, loveable and always getting into something. What would a picture of a pig be without a snout covered in mud? Whether they’re full-sized pigs or potbellied pigs, caring for these large and vocal animals is a full-time job. Cedar Row has 10 full-size pigs and 7 potbellied pigs along with all the […]

A BIG Thank-You!

On July 11th we held our annual Summer of Peace Open House and we were overwhelmed with the turn out and the support we received from people all over Ontario. From the bus full of Toronto Vegetarian Association members to families with children who drove hours to get here, it was a fun-filled day.   […]

Ontario Veg Festivals

There’s something special about Veg Festivals around Ontario; it’s a chance to get together with like-minded people and share stories, enjoy food where you don’t have to ask 100 questions like “What’s in this?” or “Was it cooked on a separate grill?”, talk to people about becoming active on behalf of those who cannot speak […]