The Year of the Pig

According to the Chinese Zodiac, the Year of the Pig last took place in 2007 and won’t take place again until 2019. It certainly hasn’t felt like that around here at Cedar Row…. 2015 has been our Year of the Potbellied Pig (plus a couple non-potbellied pigs too!)


6 of the 18 Potbellied Pigs that have come through Cedar Row in 2015

18 potbellied pigs have made their way to Cedar Row this year, all at different stages of development and all needing to be spayed our neutered, none of which has been inexpensive. Additionally, they needed to be socialized to get them to trust people so they can be adoptable. Initially, coming near them was difficult and they were quite skittish; fast forward a couple of months and they’re now looking to be petted.


Potbellied Pigs at Cedar Row just after Halloween enjoying a pumpkin

They’ve come from small hobby farms where their population exploded quickly from 2 to 15, one was kept in an apartment in a small dog crate for 10 hours a day, two were dropped off after their owners couldn’t care for them anymore and 2 regular pigs (one who was initially placed but came back to Cedar Row and another who was found sick and taken from the humane society and brought to Cedar Row) who both needed a 2nd chance at life.


Darcy (above) was brought to Cedar Row very sick; he’s gaining strength by the day

We have been fortunate to receive some coverage regarding the issue of potbellied pigs and how they’ve overwhelmed us this year. The Stratford Beacon Herald ran a story on our pigs, as did CTV Kitchener. The concept was to bring to light this issue in the hope that people will think twice before they buy a “tea cup pig” (there’s no such thing, by the way) or before they adopt a potbellied pig without checking their municipal by-laws, as most cities and towns prohibit them within their boundaries.


Potbellied Pigs on CTV Kitchener

Finally, opening your home to a potbellied pig is a long commitment and one that shouldn’t be taken lightly. They require a lot of care and supervision, not to mention proper dietary requirements, tusk and nail trimming and the space to roam (read: an apartment or house without a yard [in a by-law-friendly neighbourhood] is not a place for a pig.


Siobhan Poole of Cedar Row Farm Sanctuary with two potbellied pigs (© Stratford Beacon Herald)

Remember; Adopt, don’t Shop!



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