A BIG Thank-You!

On July 11th we held our annual Summer of Peace Open House and we were overwhelmed with the turn out and the support we received from people all over Ontario. From the bus full of Toronto Vegetarian Association members to families with children who drove hours to get here, it was a fun-filled day.




Penelope the potbellied pig and Steve-o the baby turkey were a big part of the day and stole the hearts of many who attended. Gabe the goose was also in fine form, reminding everyone who was there that he was also part of the show!


Although the line up for the vegan BBQ got long at times, the Sol Burgers and veggie dogs were worth the wait and tasted great.


… and the smiles from the BBQ volunteers helped!



Additionally, the vegan bake sale, staffed by Reuben and Sarah who made most of the items, was a big hit and sold out quickly.


Interacting with the animals is always the highlight of the day and spending time with goats, donkeys, chickens, cows, pigs, geese, ducks and turkeys is always considered a good day.






Finally, our outdoor store and tombola raffle proved popular and they were busy throughout the day with many great prizes raffled off to very happy attendees.



The money raised at our Summer of Peace Open House helps to offset the cost of purchasing hay, vet bills for the animals at Cedar Row and the animals we foster that need medical attention until we can find them a forever home plus funds to repair and replace items around the sanctuary. We couldn’t do it without your generous support.

Thank-you all again and have a wonderful summer!

The Poole Family

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