Frosty needs a home ASAP….

Frosty needs a home ASAP….
Frosty the Goat

If you can give Frosty a home, please email me at

Earlier this year my husband found a billy goat on the road and brought him home. We searched everywhere for his farm, but could not. The local co-op thought he might have fallen out of the truck on the way to slaughter.
We kept him over the warm months as we live in the country and hoped we could build him a barn, but unfortunately we cannot afford to.
We have tried everything to find him a home, but anyone who is interested wants to kill him for meat. We just cannot bear to send him for meat. He is a very sweet boy. We named him Frosty as he is white. We were told he looks likes Saanen.
We think he might be about 2. Can you please help us? We have an outside shelter for him, but feel so awful about him being in the cold outside. We have some chickens and so in the warm weather when the chickens were out he had company, but now that they stay in their little chicken house, he is so lonely.

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  1. Hi there.

    Another rescue mentioned to me about your plight.
    Although I cannot house him as I am set up for horses and my fences cannot keep goats contained.
    I don’t know how urgent your need to find a warm place is.
    My next door neighbours keep goats. Mind you they do sell for meat however before you close your mind to it hear me out.
    Their goats have near free run of the barn with lots of hay to eat and straw for bedding. They can also go outside. They are well kept and the lady names many of them. They only have one billy goat and they use him for breeding. He is free to run amongst the herd.
    I am not suggesting a permanent home for him there but it could be a good place for him while you find a permanent home. They are trustworthy and god fearing good people. I am sure they would be open to a stay while the weather is too cold for him.

  2. Hi,

    I’m just inquiring about Frosty the goat. I have a hobby farm with 5 goats and 2 donkeys. I’m on 25 acres and they are about the happiest little animals you’ll ever see :). Unfortunately I live in Almonte On (west of Ottawa) but if you are desperate and ever coming out this end I could take him. Is he neutered? I would need him to be as I have 2 female goats. I love goats so much and know how much they need companionship so this little guys story breaks my heart.

    Rebecca Tjepkema

  3. How much does it cost to build Frosty a barn?

    Thank you so much for all that you do for the animals – you are angels!

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