Trouble’s In Trouble

Cedar Row was asked to take Trouble, another turkey who survived a gassing at an industrial hatchery in London, Ontario. Living with a wonderful family for 2 months, it was time for Trouble to move on. Unfortunately, before he moved from the house to the farm, he tried to jump up on to a counter and fell hard hurting his wing.
I took him to the vet today to have his wing looked at, and the x-ray revealed 2 broken bones in his left wing, and gangrene setting in. He is due to have part of his left wing amputated this Thursday morning.
Please keep Trouble in your thoughts this week, since this will not be an easy surgery. It’s always a risk putting an animal under anesthetics, but this is not a regular procedure. Fingers crossed, Trouble will be back with us on Friday.

Siobhan & Peter Poole

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  1. Hi Siobhan:

    It has been a few months since we corresponded. I was the person who emailed you about the factory pig farm in October. I have written a piece and have sent it to several papers and have filed a complaint with the OSPCA. When we last spoke you offered me a chance to visit pigs who were happy. I have not heard from you since I responded. But I would like to visit and help if I can.

    Thank you,
    Elizabeth Levesque

  2. How is Trouble doing? Did he come out of the surgery o.k.? All the best and happy new year to all of you !!

  3. Just a quick question…how is Trouble? I am sure I speak for MANY when I say we are concerned & would love an update.

    1. It is with heavy hearts that we must inform you that Trouble did not make it. He passed away, but not without a valiant effort by Dr. Paul Hause and the vet techs at Tavistock Vets. We thank you.

      He was an ambassador for all turkeys,even if it was for a short time. He had a family that truly loved him, and will miss him greatly. (Claire & Natalie)
      Trouble had what millions of other turkeys will never experience….love.

      Rest in peace our little feathered friend.

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