Author: Siobhan

Lean To Help

We have decided to put a cement floor in the cow’s shelter at the same time we put in the concrete pad for Joaquin. This means we need to build a lean – to for Charlie & Chickpea, so they have shelter while this is being done. We are looking for 4-5 handy people to […]

Compassion for All

Charlie the Steer enjoying a strawberry at Cedar Row Farm Sanctuary. Charlie was found running on an extremely cold day just over 2 years ago. He is one of the lucky few that has the pleasure of tasting treats like strawberries. This is what happens to veal calves not so lucky. Go Vegan Where do […]

Accommodating Joaquin: A Fundraiser

When he was barely more than a week old, Joaquin the piglet arrived at Cedar Row Farm Sanctuary with a spinal cord injury and an uncertain prognosis. He couldn’t move his back legs and he hadn’t been able to eat. With medical care and a lot of love, Joaquin is now a happy, healthy part […]

Walk for Ontario Farm Sanctuaries

To raise awareness about the plight of farmed animals: the abuses they endure, the hazards to human health, the environmental impact. Cedar Row will be putting a team in this. Let me know if you can help! “Please consider registering a team. Get in touch with me for a registration form, along with Tips on […]

Joaquin Has Made It!

After months of treatment and lots of TLC, Joaquin has recovered as much as his body allows. He has a distinct walk to his hind end, due to the injury on his spine. We were told that we shouldn’t put him in with the big pigs, for fear he might be re injured, so it […]