Wallace Needs A Home


Wallace is a retired meat rabbit who was lucky enough to make it out of the industry alive, but he is now looking for his forever home.
Wallace is learning quickly to use his litter box and enjoying some new treats like banana and dill. Unfortunately, because of previous life, he is a little nervous, though Amy, his foster mom, is confident that with patience, Wallace will make a wonderful companion. He is neutered as well.
Please share and help find Wallace his forever home.

UPDATE: Wallace has found a home and is loving his life with his white rabbit pal Linden 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Wallace Needs A Home”

  1. Hello! Has Wallace found a home yet? How old is he? Any updates since this post on his litter box training? Thank you!

  2. Hello Heather – Yes he found a home… with me! He’s living happily with his new girlfriend Linden (also rescued) although he’s not giving her the time of day yet despite her advances! His litter box training is going well and he’s almost there. Thanks for asking! 🙂

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