Need a Home for 6 Roosters



All Ontario sanctuaries have been contacted. We are full and will not take in anymore animals.
We need hobby farms to take one or two of these guys and give them a safe home.
Please share. Thanks! smile emoticon

6 young roosters (3.5 months old) are urgently seeking new homes. These handsome boys were rescued from an egg farmer at a fair in September 2014 and have been seeking permanent homes ever since.

Their situation has become urgent. They are under the care of the grandfather who is 83, who walks through snow and ice each day to care for them. He recently debeaked one of the roosters, and the others are at risk of the same fate.

Every sanctuary across Ontario has been contacted, and no one has been found to take on the care of these charming boys.

Please contact Kaylie if you are able to provide safe, loving pet homes to one or more of these young roosters. Currently located East of London, Ontario.

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  1. We are a small hobby farm and all our animals are rescued and will live the rest of thier lives out here, we could definitely take 2 or 3 roosters.we are located south of ottawa outside the villiage of metcalfe.
    ALEX Debolt

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