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Need a Home for 6 Roosters

***URGENT*** All Ontario sanctuaries have been contacted. We are full and will not take in anymore animals. We need hobby farms to take one or two of these guys and give them a safe home. Please share. Thanks! smile emoticon 6 young roosters (3.5 months old) are urgently seeking new homes. These handsome boys were […]

Cock- A- Doodle- Doo x 2

Cedar Row Farm Sanctuary welcomed 2 new roosters on the weekend. We also found homes for 4 more roosters that were going to be euthanized if we couldn’t place them. These 2 beautiful boys will be hanging out with 6 other roosters, and numerous hens.

Roosters Need a Home

We are looking for a home for 7 roosters! They were to be used as food for birds of prey but survived being suffocated. We already have 6 roosters here at Cedar Row, so unfortunately we can’t take more then one rooster out of this bunch. If you know of someone that can give a […]