The Little Pig That Didn’t Go To Market

PigOn an especially sweaty summer day this past July, a baby pig tumbled off a transport truck on the 401. Bloodied and bruised from her fall, confused by the loud noises of the highway, she ran across two lanes of traffic and hid herself in the bushes on the shoulder of the road.

Thankfully, a good Samaritan named Rob saw the scared piglet and pulled over to bring her to safety. He rushed her to a local vet for emergency treatment. She had a severe case of road rash and had also ripped out one of her rear toenails. Although Rob and his family instantly fell in love with the sweet baby pig, they knew she needed a special home where she would get all the right piggy love and care she deserves.

After a few phone calls, the darling baby pig arrived at Cedar Row Farm Sanctuary just outside of Stratford. Now she has four other pig friends to hang out with (Pearl is her best friend at the moment), as well as goats, donkeys, cows, sheep and a bunch of chatty chickens. Instead of heading to the slaughterhouse after only 6 months, she now has a forever home for the next 10-15 years of her life. But in order to get settled into her new life at Cedar Row, this baby pig needs a proper name.

Members of the public are being asked to help name the wee one. Any ideas? She is quite the outgoing lady, very friendly and loves belly rubs. What should this little girl be called?

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9 thoughts on “The Little Pig That Didn’t Go To Market”

  1. My heart is warm every time I think of this little pig and that wonderful man who helped her. In these days of gloom and doom according to the news people, it’s nice to know the milk of human kindness still flows from some of us. Your tremendous work in caring for our fellow soles on earth will be remembered and rewarded from a higher judge than any on earth.

    I truly wish I could come and help and meet everyone (2 and 4 legged) however I have a disability problem that prevents me from doing so. But now I have your web site and will keep in touch.

    May the bird of happiness fly over everyone at Cedar Row!

  2. Diana- after Princess Diana for many reasons: Diana died in a collision while this little Diana was saved as the result of a collision. This little Diana also sounds like she will be having the life of a princess and is outgoing like Diana. She is also a pretty blonde like Diana. Need I say more?

  3. Well done with the baby pig! Well done for all of the animals you care for.
    Cheque is in the mail … because until today we did not actually know about your family or its fine work with distressed animals.
    Kindest regards,
    Ken & Rebecca

  4. She is just too cute. I am so angry with myself that I used to eat pork. It’s wonderful to see good samaritans and sanctuaries accomplishing lifesaving and education. Way to go!

  5. Hi the story about this amazing Pig was incredible! I’m so glad that the little piggy was saved. That was very Good and “The right thing to do” if you cared about a frightened injured animal that needed love. The Love that was shown by Rob was courageous and Awesome. That was a miracle that the little piggy survived and even stopped going to “market”. I Love that Rob got her emergency vet treatment, and Love as much and maybe more that the little piggy is now being taken care of by this AWESOME LOVING Cedar Row Farm Sanctuary. She is probably named by now, but if not she could be named “The Love of God” for that you all showed tremendous love like the love of God to save her and even though it was horrible for her to fall off the Truck, it was still a miracle that she did and that she survived. I love this pig, You all showed tremendous Love and I thank you all.


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