Joaquin the Piglet

Joaquin sleeping
Photo taken by Cicada Poole

We received an urgent email on Friday night, from a young couple who had rescued a piglet, not 2 weeks old, from a pasture near Pembroke. The little pig was left for dead, after his mother had accidentally stepped on him, leaving a large wound on his back.

After being out in the pasture for 2 days, they noticed he was alive, but unable to walk. They brought him home, but had no experience with a young pig, so they put a plea out, looking for help.

His injuries are very serious, and we’re not sure how he’s going to do. He has very little mobility in his hind end, and his left front foot is swollen and tender. Right now he only has one good leg.

He has been treated with pain medication / anti inflammatory, as well as antibiotics, until we can have our vet examine him tomorrow.

This little guy has been through so much in such a short period of time, so please send positive thoughts his way, and lets hope he can get strong and walk again.

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