Category: Meet Our Animals

All of our animal family will live out their natural lives here at the Sanctuary where they will be cherished and cared for.

Joaquin the Piglet

We received an urgent email on Friday night, from a young couple who had rescued a piglet, not 2 weeks old, from a pasture near Pembroke. The little pig was left for dead, after his mother had accidentally stepped on him, leaving a large wound on his back. After being out in the pasture for […]

Dark Wing

Plucky has a friend…… Dark Wing! Dark Wing started out as a day old, in a factory barn, near Woodstock, with thousands of other male poults. Because of his unique feather colouring, he was constantly picked on by the others. The farmer pulled him out and moved him to a separate enclosure in their yard. […]


Remus came to Cedar Row Farm Sanctuary on September 8th 2012. The young man who purchased him didn’t realize he couldn’t keep a pig in Toronto and needed to find him a home ASAP. He was bought Remus, a 12 week old pig, for $300, a week ago, and was told by the breeder that […]


We welcomed Plucky, a very lucky turkey, to Cedar Row Farm Sanctuary in September 2012. Plucky came from an industrial turkey hatchery, where the unwanted males are gassed. The gassed males are sent to a Wildlife Sanctuary in bags, to be meals for birds of prey, A volunteer at the sanctuary heard a peeping from […]

Life the Pig

This is a rescue that that came to Cedar Row Farm Sanctuary in May 2011. He is one of 4 piglets that were found wandering the streets, in a city about 50 km southeast on Montreal. We are still working on a name for him and will soon introduce him to Jimmy, the other little […]


Pictured here is our rescue Jimmy, he came in on April 29th. His mom aborted her litter, so they put her on a cull truck where she gave birth to Jimmy. A young boy working for the factory farm was told to kill him, but for some reason didn’t want to, and brought him home. […]

Dorothy and Sadie

Dorothy and Sadie join the Cedar Row Farm Sanctuary’s family in March 2011. Losing their mother just hours after being born, they were to be raised for meat. Thankfully a compassionate person was able to rescue them and bring them to Cedar Row Farm Sanctuary. Sadie had an upper respiratory infection, but recovered from it

Price Poppycock

Prince Poppycock hanging out at Cedar Row Farm Sanctuary, summer 2011. He was found with his brother wandering the streets of Windsor, Ontario. They were brought into the Windsor Humane Society before coming to Cedar Row