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Pigs are a full-time job…

Pigs; they’re adorable, loveable and always getting into something. What would a picture of a pig be without a snout covered in mud? Whether they’re full-sized pigs or potbellied pigs, caring for these large and vocal animals is a full-time job. Cedar Row has 10 full-size pigs and 7 potbellied pigs along with all the […]

A BIG Thank-You!

On July 11th we held our annual Summer of Peace Open House and we were overwhelmed with the turn out and the support we received from people all over Ontario. From the bus full of Toronto Vegetarian Association members to families with children who drove hours to get here, it was a fun-filled day.   […]

Ontario Veg Festivals

There’s something special about Veg Festivals around Ontario; it’s a chance to get together with like-minded people and share stories, enjoy food where you don’t have to ask 100 questions like “What’s in this?” or “Was it cooked on a separate grill?”, talk to people about becoming active on behalf of those who cannot speak […]

And the winner is……

We have a winning ticket for our Field Roast & Just Mayo basket from the raffle tickets sold at our Worldwide Vegan Bake Sale and our working visit over the past two weeks! The winning ticket number is: 4448242 A very BIG thank-you to everyone who purchased tickets at the Worldwide Vegan Bake Sale, the […]

Potbellied Pigs as Pets

The first time you see a tiny potbellied pig, you immediately fall in love; they’re cute, they make little grunting sounds, and they often enjoy horsing around just like a puppy or kitten. While all these things are true, having a potbellied pig can be a lot of work and is not something that should […]

Compassionate Compost

We know that adding commercial compost to our gardens when growing flowers, fruits or veggies increases their yield, shortens their growth time and often make for healthier and more robust plants but do you know what’s in most of the commercially-available compost? Most commercial compost is derived from animals that have lived unimaginably sad lives […]